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          Nadine Otte

In harmony with life.

You are here, that is wonderful!  

After many years in the nursing profession and a long search for

my purpose in life, I am now fully dedicated to my two passions,

Ayurveda Medizin & Yoga Therapy.

The integration of western medicine in combination with

Yoga & Ayurveda has fascinated me for years.

My heart's desire is to help people on their path of maintaining

health & alleviating ailments through a more conscious lifestyle

in an understanding and individual way.

My treatment rooms are located in Laax & Zurich.

There I offer constitutional assessments, individual massage treatments & nutritional consultations. 


Some of the consultations can be done online as well.

If you are living with an existing illness or a known diagnosis,

please mention this in your booking request,

so that I can suggest an appropriate initial treatment.


I look forward to meeting you.

Kindly Nadine 

Über mich

Being healthy here & now

Ayurveda in Laax & Zurich




Life is your best teacher.

1983 Birth


2003 Pediatric Nursing

2012 Discover the world

2018 Hatha Yoga RYT 300

2018 Laax becomes home of choice

2019 Vedanta Meditation

2019 Kids & Teens Yoga RYT 100

2020 Bhuddist Meditation 

2021 Hatha Yoga RYT 500

2021 Yoga therapy RYT 200

2022 Diplom Ayurveda Massage

2023 Diplom Holistic ayurveda nutrition & health counselling 

2024 Yoga therapy RYT 200

I am looking forward to our X - change.


Nadine is incredible at what she does.

Felt like a massage for all my senses, with the environment, the scent and the voices she uses, I was absolutely blown away.

A hot box session afterwards is a must and I will definitely be back.


Nadine Otte

7031 Laax

+41 77 916 21 81

Vielen Dank !

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